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Make Meetings More Productive

  • Focus on the conversation, our intelligent note-taker handles the rest

  • Get a digestible summary and action items, no more meeting amnesia 

  • Save time, automate your post-meeting tasks

Why DeepInsights?

DeepInsights enables you to be more engaged during meetings and saves you time after meetings

No more note-taking

Taking notes manually makes it harder to focus on the conversation and adds to the cognitive load of employees

Alternatives are

Busy employees don't have time to watch recordings or read entire meeting transcripts. DeepInsights filters down the meeting to what you need

Post-meeting task automation

Auto-assigning action items to stakeholders and populating follow-up emails will save your team time

How it works

DeepInsights is an intelligent note-taker for your team meetings

DeepInsights uses deep learning and proprietary natural language processing algorithms to automatically capture the key meeting takeaways and personalized action items for each participant.

1. Easy set-up with your video conferencing platform

Connect DeepInsights to any video conferencing application of your choice

Turn it on

Turn it on during your team meeting and forget about taking notes

Get automated notes

Receive meeting summary and action items for each team member

2. A shared and searchable knowledge hub of past meetings
Search & recall

DeepInsights indexes meeting data, making past conversations searchable and accessible to your team so they stay up-to-date

Capture what matters

Proprietary NLP technology continuously learns from new meetings, becoming contextually intelligent over time

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